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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With RHOCheshire’s Nicole Sealey!

Hello! We recently had the opportunity to interview Nicole Sealey, who is the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The successful businesswoman and mother-of-three talked to us EXCLUSIVELY about joining the hit reality series and teases what viewers can expect in Season 11 and much more. Read our exclusive interview with Nicole Sealey below!

Hi Nicole! Welcome to — How were you approached to join RHOCheshire and did you have any hesitations about doing a reality show?
NS: I was approached originally in series 4 but thought I would 100 percent never do the show. The show kept in touch with each series but this time I think it was just good timing. I still had a few reservations but my husband was keen for me to do it as we were looking at buying a football club and thought the show may complement this. I had always been apprehensive about how my industry might take me being on the show. I always think it's good to try new things and as this was totally out of my comfort zone though it may be a fun new adventure!

For those who are not familiar with you — can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?!
NS: I was born in London and lived between two parents that live very different lives I think this gave me the ability to feel comfortable in all walks of life. I'm married to Joe and have 3 children who are 17, 19, 23 years old and two dogs all at home due to the pandemic. I think it's always important to find something positive in any negative situation and this time it's family time. I started my business 26 years ago so it's a major part of who I am being in a railway/ construction industry which is very male-dominated I have actually felt comfortable being a woman in a man's world. Things have changed quite a lot from the early days luckily and I think I'm now respected for what I do. I have other business interests in addition including the gyms I own with my husband.

Where you a fan of the series prior to joining?
NS: I had never seen the show before but knew quite a few of the cast members socially and through business. My husband has always been a big fan of the American ones especially the New Jersey one so that I had seen. I had a binge-watch of the show before filming but stopped in case I changed my mind .. only joking.

What was your first impression of your costars and who did you find it was the easiest and hardest to connect with?
NS: As I said I had I knew a few of them before but filming at the start I saw some slight changes in some people. I think my first impressions on everyone were pretty spot on.

Everything felt pretty natural in fitting in with the other cast members and they have made me feel part of the family it's obviously been a challenging series 11 due to the virus and everyone had done amazingly well to get the show out so I really hope it's well-received.

Can you tease us what we can expect from Season 11?
NS: I think along with the expected frictions some unexpected friendships and fights develop ... you'll have to tune in to see.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
NS: Would like to thank you for taking time out to get to know me a bit more. I hope you really enjoy the new show and most importantly stay safe and well and hopefully we can help pass some of the time for you all while in lockdown.

Anything you would like to say to your fans?!
NS: As I've never done anything like this before, and up until last year I didn't even like having my photo taken. I worried I would come across a bit wooden but I hope that I improve as we go along. I've tried to just be myself and learned not to be too critical and just relax. The feedback from the girls is that I'm quite different from the other cast members and that they haven't had anyone like me on the show before so I hope it works. I'm always myself and will always tell the truth and stick to what I believe. I'm also not afraid to stand up to any of the other cast members no matter how established if I think it's warranted. I'm no better than anyone but I am absolutely everyone's equal. I don't just argue for the sake of arguing but I won't be taking any nonsense either. I'm not sure some of them always get my sense of humour, you'll see what I mean when you watch the show :) but they are getting there ;)

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