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Garcelle Beauvais Reveals The Advice RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey And NeNe Leakes Gave Her When She Joined RHOBH! Plus Garcelle Shares Which Cast Members She Bonded With The Most!

Garcelle Beauvais is opening up about joining the cast of the tenth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. "Talk about crazy, oh my god. I don't know what I got myself into," she told Entertainment Tonight.

"I mean, we shot the season already, obviously, but it was really fun and different and, you know, I’ve never really been around a group of women that just love drama."

"It's fun, and I'm interested to see how I am portrayed -- or what the women say behind my back in the confessionals!" she adds. "That's what I’m excited to see … because, right now, everyone is so nice."

Beauvais revealed that she reached out to her friends from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes, for any advice.

"When it was announced, I texted Cynthia and she was like, 'Girl, I'm so excited for you! You're gonna be great,'" she recalls. "And then I texted NeNe and she was like, 'Giiiiiiirl. They’re all gonna lie, they're gonna cheat, they're gonna stab you in the back.'"

Garcelle says she took NeNe's warning with "a grain of salt," but then realized it was actually useful wisdom.

"The thing that was shocking to me was that me and the women could be laughing and having a good time and then the next [day], they're throwing you under the bus," Garcelle notes. "So, that took a lot of getting used to, you know? Like, hey, you were just leaning on me cracking up and then they’re like, ‘Oh, remember you said that about Lisa Rinna?’ And I’m like, oh.... oh, wow. OK. I did say that."

As for her relationships with her co-stars, Garcelle says she clicked with Erika Jayne "right away" because the two "have similar personalities, in terms of, we say it how we see it and we keep it moving." As for the other women, Garcelle admits it took more time to warm up to them; and some, she still hasn't warmed to. She says she's "meh" on OG Kyle Richards and finds Teddi Mellencamp "sweet," but adds that "you can't mess with a pregnant person" (Teddi was pregnant with her third child, daughter Dove, while filming).

"Dorit [Kemsley], I love, but also Dorit can push my buttons really quickly, which I was shocked to see," Garcelle also admits. "I always thought I had it under control, but Dorit can say something and it totally gets me the wrong way and I don’t know if it’s the accent and the way she’s saying it… just something, but yeah, I don’t know what it is just yet."

Photo Credit: Bravo