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Gamble Breaux Explains Why Her Latest Single ‘Classy’ Was Pulled Off From Streaming Services!

Earlier this month, Gamble Breaux released her latest single “Classy” but it was mysteriously taken down from digital platforms. The Real Housewives of Melbourne star revealed she had “issues” with the song but is hoping to re-release an updated version of the song soon.

“I published a song called ‘Classy’ on Friday but I had to pull it back down due to some issues with it,” she told The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show.

“Anyway, you will have it right back up again as soon as possible, without those issues, so stay tuned. So I hope you listen to the next version of Classy and enjoy it.”

Gamble had received a backlash on social media over the song and was accused by one Twitter user of copying This Is Living by Christian band Hillsong Young & Free, reports DailyMailTV.

TV Blackbox also reported there were ‘whispers of copyright issues.’

Gamble told the Herald Sun earlier this month she had created the song to stay optimistic while self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I'm going nuts here at home,' Gamble said. “I wake up late in my pyjamas, put on my workout gear, but don't work out, then wake up in it the next day. It's getting messier as we go along.”

“My nails are completely gone, can't get them done, and my hair is a mess but you with roll it.”

She described the song as “fun,” and said she hoped to “cheer people up” with its “self-mocking” and relatable lyrics.

Photo Credit: Instagram