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Erika Girardi Says RHOBH Is ‘Less Toxic’ Now That Lisa Vanderpump Is No Longer Trying To ‘Control The Narrative’ And Reveals Where She Stands With Camille Grammer And Denise Richards!

Erika Girardi shades Lisa Vanderpump while promoting the newest season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Pretty Mess singer recently appeared on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show and revealed why the new season is better off without LVP.

When Jenny asked Erika if the show was "less toxic" without Lisa, she immediately agreed to say, "Yes it feels different, it feels lighter, faster, more fun," according to DailyMailTV.

Jenny then added that she didn't want to put words in Erika's mouth by saying Lisa is no longer trying to "control the narrative" on the show, however, she completely agreed.

"No that's right, you can put those words in my mouth… you're absolutely right," Erika said.

Erika continued to shade LVP after Jenny's husband Donnie tried to compare Vanderpump's RHOBH departure to Tom Brady, who just left the New England Patriots.

"She ain't no Tom Brady Donnie, come on!" she laughed, before admitting that it was "possible" that Lisa could return.

When asked if it felt like something was missing from the show with Lisa gone, Erika began to laugh responding: "Not as far as I’m concerned!" adding she is "thrilled" with the way things are.

Erika then was asked to open up about her issues with Denise Richards and Camille Grammer.

"I actually like Denise and Aaron, even though I have conflict with them this season. There isn't anything that happened between Denise and I that cannot be repaired. Whatever Denise allegedly said about me, I can move past," Erika shared.

When asked where she stands with Camille after last season's dramatic reunion, Erika said, "It's all relative. What does it mean to Erika? Not a whole lot. The other women have really good reason to be upset with her, I don't."

Photo Credit: Bravo