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Erika Girardi Says Lisa Vanderpump’s Exit From RHOBH Brought The Cast Closer! Plus Erika Calls Denise Richards’ “Alleged Activity” With Brandi Glanville “Very Interesting”; Says “For Me, That Was A Twist”

Erika Girardi recently admitted that Lisa Vanderpump’s departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought the cast closer together. “There was a big shift last year. We lost a cast member …  in the middle of conflicts. But when that happens, the five of us, we became close,” she told Us Weekly. “I think that certain things bond you.”

“It’s been years now that I’ve known these women and because of that experience, I think that we all opened up a little bit more to each other. Things are different whenever you shift.”

Erika stated that “people have moved on” from the Puppy Gate debacle. “I mean, there may be one [mention of it in season 10]. I certainly did not,” she shared, adding that it’s “in the past” for her.

“We have a really nice cast of hardworking women that have shown up and made the best show possible, and given our hearts, soul, family, time, money,” she told Us Weekly. “I get irritated when I keep hearing the past, because we are in this present moment and we have worked our asses off to create a great show.”

As for what the viewers can expect in Season 10, Erik said, “I think that the Denise [Richards] storyline is very interesting. It was surprising, the alleged activity between she and Brandi [Glanville],” she explained, referencing the rumored affair between her costars. “I wasn’t expecting that. For me, that was a twist.”

Erika added, “Teddi being pregnant was also very shocking. I think I cried when I found out she was pregnant, just because I was so overwhelmed for her. I think those would be my two biggest ones.”

Photo Credit: Bravo