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Dorit Kemsley Says She And Her Husband PK Will Address Their Legal Troubles On Season 10 Of RHOBH!

Dorit Kemsley admits that she will address her much-discussed lawsuit on the upcoming tenth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I had maintained from the beginning that it was in the right hands and I couldn’t really talk about it, although everybody wanted to, she told Us Weekly.

“There were a lot of things that came out in the press that weren’t true. It’s very difficult when you’re fighting something with your hands tied behind your back. So for us, we always knew that it was going to be resolved and get resolved and it was a matter of time and justice and so for us it was very freeing. Of course, very happy that it’s behind us and not in front of us and we’re able to just be done with it.”

“You just have to try for it not to affect you and your family really, because it does, and you kind of live in this world where you know that’s going to happen inevitably and when it hits home like that it’s difficult to have that hard outer shell, but you learn, you learn to and we stay strong as a family and I’m grateful for that,” Dorit told the publication, noting that her marriage to PK is stronger than ever. “Because my husband and I had the type of relationship where we really support one another. So if I was feeling low or sad he really just knows how to boost me up and vice versa.”

She added: “When you can come out of any kind of a conflict or you go through things together it inevitably makes you stronger if you survive it because you know how to go through it together. I was always, and I always will be on my husband’s side and vice versa. So for us it was just a matter of time.”

Dorit and husband PK Kemsley first made headlines in August 2018 when a video surfaced online of a woman confronting her over money she allegedly owed her former Beverly Beach partner Ryan Horne. However, in October 2019 the couple settled with Horne. Meanwhile, PK also resolved a $1.2 million lawsuit with a creditor named Nicos Kirzis over an unpaid loan.

Photo Credit: MediaPunch/Shutterstock