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Denise Richards Reveals She Felt “Terrible” How She Treated The Waiter In RHOBH Season 10 Premiere Episode And Says She “Apologized” — Brandi Glanville Weighs In!

Denise Richards has a lot to say about the Season 10 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The mother-of-three reacted and apologized for how she treated a waiter regarding her drink order during the Wednesday, April 15, episode.

Denise who argued with the waiter about the type of tequila she was served during the premiere, revealed via Twitter that she apologized at the restaurant.

“I was all fired up before my tequila was delivered. I felt terrible and apologized to the waiter 🙏🏻” Richards wrote. “But I do know my tequila #RHOBH.”

In a second tweet, she explained why her apology didn't make it in the episode, “unfortunately they can't air everything,” she wrote. “I felt awful.”

However, Brandi Glanville, who is feuding with Richards, slammed the actress for how she treated a waiter regarding her drink order.

“I’m sorry but their [SIC] is a way to say to your waiter (I’ve waited a lot of tables) that you think your drink might be wrong without being a complete bitch!!!” Brandi tweeted. “I judge people by the way they treat others.”

In a second tweet, Brandi wrote, according to Us Weekly. “She was rude to a waiter — at least her glam was on point.”

“I think if your [SIC] unhappy you send things back with a smile & an explanation,” Glanville added in a third tweet. “Don’t shoot the messenger you know?”

Photo Credit: Bravo