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Cynthia Bailey, Eva Marcille And Kenya Moore Share Their Thoughts On NeNe Leakes Wanting Kim Zolciak-Biermann Back On RHOA!

Eva Marcille and Kenya Moore shared their thoughts on NeNe Leakes wanting Kim Zolciak-Biermann to return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

Cohen mentioned how NeNe has been “rallying” for Kim to come back on RHOA. Marcille revealed that she was “so confused” by NeNe’s campaign due to her rocky history with the Don't Be Tardy star.

“Andy, I have not been around as long as a lot of these girls on Housewives, though I had been in the business. What I do know about NeNe and Kim was the first season I came on, they were enemies,” Eva said during the aftershow, according to Us Weekly. “They were fighting roaches in each other’s house.”

“NeNe went on this huge rampage — I mean, despising this woman. The moment that she doesn’t get along with her coworkers, now she wants [Kim] back.”

Kenya, for her part, seemed unbothered. However, she also had some not-so-kind things to say when asked to share her thoughts on NeNe’s campaign for Phaedra Parks to return as well. “I just don’t put any energy into things that she says or does,” Moore said.

“I mean, she’s just an idiot to me and just very low-brow and has zero class and no brain at all,” Kenya continued. “So, I just don’t put any energy into it, honestly. I would be looking for my brain cells around that I’ve lost for thinking about her.”

In a separate interview, Cynthia Bailey was asked to share how she would feel if Kim Zolciak-Biermann decided to return to RHOA. “I’m for whatever’s going to be good for the show,” Cynthia told HollywoodLife during recent Instagram Live chat. “I don’t have a relationship with Kim. Whenever she’s in and out of the show I’ve never filmed with Kim unless she’s in a group situation, so I don’t really know Kim that well to be honest. I just know her from the show and in group scenes.”

She continued, “We’ve never done anything one on one before,” Cynthia revealed of her time filming with Kim in the past. “If it’s good for the show — I like the cast that we have right now personally, but if she can bring something to the show, bring it.”

She concluded, “I just hope she don’t come over and bother me,” Cynthia quipped. “Leave me alone because I’m getting married and I’m going to be happy, OK,” she jokingly added.

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