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Brandi Glanville Says Bravo Told Her Not to Speak About RHOBH Drama Amid Denise Richards Feud!

Brandi Glanville claimed on Friday, April 25, that she was told not to talk about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by Bravo amid her drama with Denise Richards. “I’ve been asked by @BravoTV to stay off social media talking about housewives,” she tweeted on Friday.

“That is the ONLY reason I am not replying to you f—king hater c—ts! C—t wait for open season.”

Glanville's comment came after she slammed Richards while watching the season 10 premiere of RHOBH earlier this month, dissing the Wild Things actress for how she treated a waiter regarding her drink order during the April 15 premiere episode.

Glanville also responded to fans who asked about her claims that she and Richards had a sexual relationship in the past. When asked how Richards is “in bed,” Brandi replied that she had “been sent a legal STFU.”

Us Weekly reported that Richards sent Glanville a cease-and-desist letter to get her to stop talking about her claims of an affair, which Denise has denied.

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