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Teresa Giudice Admits She’s No Longer Attracted To Estranged Husband Joe Giudice!

In Part 3 of the Season 10 reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice got candid about the end of her marriage to estranged husband Joe Giudice.

In the preview clip courtesy via Us Weekly, host Andy Cohen acknowledged that Teresa revealed to him during the pair’s joint interview last October that she wasn’t attracted to Joe anymore and was interested in seeing if the spark was still there when they reunited in Italy the following month.

“Were you attracted to him when you saw him?” Cohen asked.

“No,” Teresa said as she shook her head.

“Did you have sex with him in Italy?” Cohen continued.

“No,” Teresa replied as she shook her head when Cohen asked her if there was a part of her that wanted to sleep with her husband.

But she admitted that Joe had wanted to have sex with her but she refused.

“Thank god [our youngest daughter] Audriana slept with me every night,” Teresa said. “She was supposed to stay with one of her sisters but she wanted to stay with me, so it was a good c—kblocker.”

Teresa added that Joe “was not happy,” she said. “You know, a guy when you say no to him …”

The Bravo reality star revealed that her relationship with Joe changed when her mother passed away.

“Everything just changed after I lost my mom,” Teresa admitted. “I just became very resentful and that’s I think when it died out.”

Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, chimed in the conversation. “How much stress do you think my mother went under when my sister went away, right? Just think about that. She was sick too. She had arthritis and she would go every week [to visit Teresa in prison].”

“Do you think Joe’s played a part in her [death]?” Cohen asked Gorga.

“A thousand percent,” he replied. “I got a lot to say but I can’t.”

Photo Credit: Bravo