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Tamra Judge Admits She’s ‘Worried’ About Ex-Husband Simon Barney’s Cancer Battle Due To Coronavirus Outbreak; Says “This Could Be Lethal For Him”

Tamra Judge opened up about how she and her family are handling the coronavirus amid her ex-husband Simon Barney's cancer battle. “I am worried about Simon. As you all know, last month he went public with his cancer diagnosis,” the former Real Housewives of Orange County star told Us Weekly.

“Having a disease that compromises his immune system means that this could be lethal for him.”

“He is doing everything he can to protect himself, as is his fiancée, Catushia. She is his sole caregiver and now has to be extremely cautious as well,” she shared with Us. “Due to the fact that he is immune-compromised, the kids also can’t be around him, which is heartbreaking for them and for him as well.”

"As their mother, this is very, very hard to watch and our family is simply having a very tough time," she said about her kids.

"This is an extremely sad time for the world," Judge added. "I am praying for a cure and for us all to get through this."

"We are currently dealing with a national emergency, and all my efforts are on protecting myself, my family, and all those we love," she told Us Weekly.

Judge concluded: "I urge all my fans to take coronavirus seriously, and do everything they can to protect themselves."

Photo Credit: Bravo, Simon Barney via PEOPLE