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RHOV’s Mary Zilba Reveals She Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus!

Mary Zilba revealed on Tuesday, March 24, that she has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The former Real Housewives of Vancouver star shared the news with her followers via Twitter.

“Just arrived home in Canada after a brutal 6 weeks away. My mother passed away and then I contracted Covid-19 while in Ohio. Possibly at her funeral?” she tweeted. “Was cleared by the CDC as now negative, which enabled me travel back home. I had NONE of the normal symptoms!  #COVID19.”

“Before being tested positive for #COVID19 I was turned away 3 times for testing saying I didn’t fit the profile. I then went to hospital anyway due to the unbearable migraines which they treated with IV meds that didn’t work well and swabbed me for 14 other viruses that were.”

She continued, “Negative. So they decided to test for Covid-19 anyway mainly because I travelled from Vancouver. However, that had been 4 weeks earlier. I was sent back to hotel and was in isolation and was called 2 days later saying I was indeed “positive” for Coronavirus.”

“I stayed in isolation for over 10 days. The Ohio Health Department would not list me as a statistic of Ohio because I am a resident of Canada and it was clear they didn’t want the statistic. However, I am 100% sure I contracted it in the state of Ohio.  It’s made me not believe”

“The stats coming out of the US,” she added.

She also revealed that two of her sons have also been diagnosed positive for Coronavirus.

“Just please be aware that there is NOT a constrictive list of symptoms. It’s not the same for everyone. Two of my sons contracted it before me - their symptoms were completely different than mine. MIGRAINE IS a SYMPTOM! Please be aware of your body , they still don’t know enough!”

Given the constantly evolving nature of COVID-19, we want our readers (courtesy via Us Weekly) to have access to the most accurate resources. For the most up-to-date coronavirus information, guidance, and support, consult the CDCWHO, and information from local public health officials. If you’re experiencing coronavirus symptoms, call your primary care provider for medical advice.

Photo Credit: Instagram