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Nicole Sealey Opens Up About Joining The Real Housewives Of Cheshire!

Nicole Sealey is opening up about joining the eleventh season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire and reveals what viewers can expect from her this season. Sealey describes herself as 'honest and direct' with a dry sense of humor and says there will be occasions where she will call out her co-stars.

"Chaos! No no. I am quite honest and direct, not too sure they have all got my sense of humor yet as I am quite dry," she told Manchester Evening News when asked what she will bring to the series. "I do say what I think but I really have got on well with the girls. There isn’t anyone I don’t get on with but there may be a couple of occasions where I call people out."

Nicole, who is 45 years-old, reveals she almost didn't join the series, but after being asked for a second time, she discussed the idea with her husband, who convinced her to join the series.

"Originally I definitely wasn’t going to do it," she said. "Then I was contacted again, when in the midst of trying to buy Macclesfield Town."

"Speaking with my husband, we decided it may now be the right time and a good time to take the meeting. Then I got the call and I was in the show!

"Throughout your life, if things are constantly presenting themselves, then perhaps you are supposed to be doing them."

Nicole admits she's never seen the series but reveals she was aware of the show, compared to her husband, who is a big fan of the American installments of the Bravo hit reality franchise.

"To be honest, no I hadn’t watched the show but I had seen it advertised," said Nicole. "My husband quite likes the series’, especially the American Housewives."

"He watches more reality TV than me so this is more out of my comfort zone."

Sealey then discusses her relationships with her co-stars prior to becoming a cast member on the show.

"I knew of the majority of the cast in some capacity before joining the show, some better than others," she told Manchester Evening News. "I knew Christine as she used our house for a photoshoot. We met through mutual friends and we ended up chatting and getting on well."

"For Tanya, I knew her brother in law and we all went out a few times – so again through mutual friends. Lauren, I probably knew the best as she did a bit of work for the gym," she shared. "Rachel, I didn’t know her too well but we went to a few of the same events and also we go to the same hairdresser."

When asked how she felt about joining the cast, she said, "I was apprehensive because of the work that I do," she added. "The time I am in my life now, I have been doing this for 25, 26 years so I have definitely proven I can do my job."

Nicole is the daughter-in-law of the late Manchester United goalkeeper Les Sealey. She is married to the United hero's son Joe, who was on the books at West Ham until injury ended his goalkeeping career at the age of 21.

Nicole and her husband, who became a sports agent representing a host of big names in football and boxing, jointly established the health and fitness business Neon with gyms in Alderley Edge and Hale.

Nicole and Joe are parents to two daughters and son.

Photo Credit: ITV /Rachel Joseph