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Marlo Hampton Weighs In On Kenya Moore’s Relationship With Marc Daly; Says “I Would Never Want A Husband To Speak To Me The Way That Man Speaks To Her”

Marlo Hampton is sharing her thoughts on Kenya Moore and Marc Daly's relationship. The longtime friend of the Real Housewives of Atlanta believes that Moore is lashing out at her co-stars over her issues with her estranged husband.

“I would never want a husband to speak to me the way that man speaks to her in front of millions of people,” Hampton told Us Weekly on the “Hot Hollywood” podcast. “And I don’t want the baby to grow up and hear the jokes and the things he says to her. I will remain single before I would ever have to deal with a man talking to me that way. And I don’t even care for Kenya, but that’s just ridiculous.”

Marlo thinks that Moore fights with the other women on the show because her relationship is so rocky.

“That’s why she’s so mean to us,” Marlo said. “Hurt people hurt other people. She just tries to hurt me and I’m going to get whatever God has in store for me. And hopefully she gets a husband that truly loves her, respects her and makes her happy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Shutterstock