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Magali Gorré Reveals Secret Feud With Former RHOCheshire Co-Star Lauren Simon; Says “I Don’t Need A Camera To Put You In Your Place”

Magali Gorré is spilling the tea about The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The mother-of-three shared an update on her current relationships with her former co-stars and much more during a recent Instagram Q&A session.

Gorré addressed fans who asked her if she would ever return to the ITVBe hit reality series during the Q&A. "The fans like me but I close that door for now," she revealed.

When asked to share an update on her relationship with Dawn Ward, she shared a screenshot of Ward's tweet where she stated that she has "no problem with @magaligoore" because "life is too short x."

To which Magali replied, "This said enough I guess."

When asked if she still watches the show, she said, "[I] travel so much, I have a very hectic life. Out  Kenji gets married and Dean in South America. Fam in Holland and Portugal and don't forget the show put people together," she wrote.

"In real life I have no arguments with my friends haha haha. We support each other."

The successful footballer wife was also asked if she knows new cast member Nicole Sealey, who's joining RHOCheshire for the show's upcoming eleventh season.

"Yes [too] funny," she shared. "I was invited as a VIP guest to [the opening of] her health lunch restaurant in Wilmslow and now she is a #rhocheshire herself."

Magali, however, reveals that she has issues with a current cast member that's on the show.

"It's not easy to explain this but I have some BIG issues with ONE person on the #rhocheshire tv show and I can't come back to the show because of that."

Magali then reveals the identity of that person that she has "BIG issues" with - and shockingly it's Lauren Simon, who's making her return to the series after exiting the show after eight seasons.

Apparently, Simon and Gorré were spotted fighting in public by fans of the series and addressed the topic in a Q&A session via Instagram.

The fan wrote, "I was at M&S two weeks ago and saw you and Lauren fighting. What caused it?"

To which Magali replied, "I've always been nice and supportive to that woman. She better not cross me," she wrote. "Because those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Jealousy is a disease and I hope she [gets] well soon," adding the hashtag, "#karmaisabitch."

She then shared more details about what went down between her and Lauren. "I just [came] back from [an] amazing holiday with MY HUSBAND," she wrote. "I have [an] amazing relationship with my CHILDREN. I'm busy with the wedding and nice things in life."

"I felt sorry for that woman for a long time. But coming for me 3 times for no reason [than] just being nasty," she continued. "It will [stop] NOW. She is lucky I'm not on the #rhocheshire show."

She added. "I don't need a camera to put you in your place #dontmess with me if I don't come for you."

Are you surprised to learn that Magali and Lauren are feuding? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Nathan D'Amour Photography via Facebook, ITVBe