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Luann de Lesseps’ Former Assistant Slams Her On Instagram, Accuses Her Of Making A “Mockery Of Sobriety” And Calls Her A “Fraud”

Luann de Lesseps' former assistant Danny Marin is slamming the Real Housewives of New York City star on social media and is accusing her of being a fraud for allegedly not taking her sobriety seriously.

Martin shared a behind-the-scenes video clip where de Lesseps is filming her “Feelin’ Jovani” music video. In the clip, which he shared on Instagram, he is seen on set helping the Bravo reality star sing the words to her dance track.

“I was the only reason why Countess Luann knew her lyrics while filming her music video, got dressed in time, had jewelry on, had multiple shoe options, wrangled her Housewife friends…,” he wrote.

Danny appears to be upset that he was not credited for his work on the music video. “Oh yea, that’s right, but I didn’t get a credit helping for 18 hours straight filming ‘Feelin’ Jovani’ music video. Remember that while you tune in this season of RHONY,” he added.

Over on his Instagram Stories, Martin continued to slam de Lesseps and hinted that she did not take her sobriety seriously as he shared a preview clip of the Season 12 premiere episode.

“Lu and improved?” he wrote. “1. You made a mockery of sobriety. 2. You lied to your [parole officer]. 3. You lied to the nation. Apologize.”

Then, during a Q&A session on the social media platform, a follower asked him if de Lesseps was drinking during her probation.

“This question is appearing a lot. All I want to say is that sobriety is not a game,” he wrote. “Rehab is not a storyline. If you are struggling with addiction or remaining sober in these times, please seek help.”

Another follower asked him why he is calling out the Bravo reality star on social media, to which Martin responded, “A lot of stuff went down when I worked for Lu that was unacceptable behavior,” he wrote. “The fact of the matter is that it was my job to do all of that stuff but it is the responsibility of the artist to credit everyone involved, not just some, in making your stuff happen.”

Marin alleges that he never signed a non-disclosure agreement, therefore he is opening up about his experience in working with the Countess and Friends cabaret performer.

When another follower asked him what was the shadiest thing he witnessed Luann doing, Martin replied, “I wouldn't even know where to begin.”

He also shared that he thinks that Luann will spin the situation and claim that he “was fired” and held a “grudge” over her.

“The reality is, I quit twice. I have the receipts,” he added.

He concluded by summing up, “She’s human and has good and bad qualities,” he said. “The good things were great, the bad things were a nightmare.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo