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Leilani Dowding Reveals The Real Reason She Didn’t Return To The Real Housewives Of Cheshire!

Leilani Dowding is opening up about her departure from The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The former Page 3 model gets candid for the first time about her exit from the ITVBe hit reality series during an Instagram Q&A session.

When asked why she didn't return to RHOCheshire, Dowding wrote, "I wouldn't be able to deliver what was needed/wanted."

"But all is good, it was great to be part of it :) and have love for everyone."

After announcing her engagement to Cult rocker, Billy Duffy earlier this month, Leilani was asked about her upcoming wedding plans.

"That's not been discussed," she wrote. "1 step at a time. Being engaged is huge commitment for both us commitentphones."

"I want the tiniest wedding possible and my animals to be there. So somewhere close to where they love," she continued. "If I was ready to get married now would be the perfect time when no one could come."

She assured fans that she was not appearing on the next season of RHOCheshire.

When asked if she knew when the new season was going to premiere, Dowding wrote, "Not sure but you can prob see old Eps in the ITV hub now xx."

Leilani was then asked what was she doing now that she is no longer on the ITVBe hit reality series, she wrote, "Back to spending loads of time with my horses, my little niece (before the lockdown) was back in LA for a month And .. Working on Equestrian line."

When asked if she still friends with any of her co-stars, Leilani wrote, "Hanna and Ester.. but will say hi to them all if I see them around."

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