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Lala Kent Slams Vanderpump Rules Co-Star Tom Sandoval After He Accused Her Of Not Being A Good Friend To Ariana Madix!

Lala Kent slammed Tom Sandoval after the comments he made on an episode of Vanderpump Rules about her friendship with co-star Ariana Madix. Kent took to Instagram Live to respond after Sandoval said Lala is not a “safe space” for Ariana to talk about her feelings during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s frustrating to see somebody like Lala, who’s like one second totally OK with people saying mean nasty things about Ariana that are completely not true and talking negatively about her and then sort of getting emotional and saying like, ‘This is a safe place,’” Tom told ET earlier this month. “It’s like, girl you are not — you are apparently not a safe place.”

During the March 2 episode of the Bravo hit reality series, Ariana tried to talk to Kent and Stassi Schroeder about her struggles.

“While I was losing my mind, needing someone like Ariana, who had lost a parent before, I needed someone to defend me,” Lala said. “Instead, behind my back, she was telling me to toughen the f—k up. Does that sound like a safe space to you? I don’t think so!”

She went on to say the “whole cast” of the series struggles with anxiety, according to Us Weekly.

“And we’ve all spoken about it. And we all sit here and offer like a hand, a heart, an ear to listen to, and [Tom] want[s] to say we’re not a ‘safe place,’” Lala explained. “But, you’re the one when my dad died, telling me to ‘toughen the f—k up.’ I think you’re feeling unsafe in your own skin and you’re projecting it onto me. I’ll be damned if someone doesn’t feel safe around me.”

She continued: “I don’t want to be struggling, drowning, for you to, like, wake the f—k up to see if I’m good. So, there’s my spill on Tom and Ariana. … I am a f—king safe place. I’m a good ass friend.”

She concluded: “To read it, Tom Sandoval, ‘It just really hurt me you know, to see her talking bad.’ How about this? Toughen the f—k up. I’m leavin’ it at that, y’all.”

Photo Credit: Bravo