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Kary Brittingham And Claudia Jordan Engage In Heated Exchange On Instagram After Former RHOA Star Slammed RHOD For Lacking Diversity! Kary Reveals Claudia Auditioned For Season 5, Claudia Explains Why She Stands Behind Her Original Statement!

After we shared Claudia Jordan's comment for calling out The Real Housewives of Dallas for their lack of diversity in their cast members, cast member Kary Brittingham took to the comment section of our Instagram post and fired back at the former Real Housewives of Atlanta for her comment.

If you recall, Jordan slammed the Bravo hit reality series for not adding women of color.

"And STILL no women of color.... Dallas come on now. There are soooo many beautiful, fun, cool wealthy women of considered for this show and still nothing," she wrote. "It didn't have to me-but PLEASE consider representing better. The rating would surely be affected IN a positive way. Look how Atlanta continues to have the highest ratings.... bring the needed spice."

After we shared Jordan's comment, Kary called out Jordan and also revealed that she tried out and auditioned to join the series.

"@claudiajordan you did try out and I was actually hoping you would come on the show, but I could make the same argument about many other shows including Atlanta that they don’t have latinas!!!!!," she wrote. "Are you implying that only black people count as diversity????? Or only black people have spice?????"

Claudia then fired back at Brittingham and also acknowledged that she did, in fact, tried out to join the series for Season 5.

"@karybritt wow I’m surprised you said that. Ok so let’s discuss it. You’re right I DID have one Skype interview for the show right before i signed my contract for my new show in LA- so i knew it wasn’t going to happen for me-so please don’t make this into a sour grapes thing. I know what y’all get paid and I’m quite ok with my talk show salary- no shade- but i want to make this clear THIS AINT ABOUT ME- ok I knew they were also talking to @Nicolebarrettofficial who is engaged to someone who’s so Texas it’d make for a great story line. I think you missed my entire point," she wrote. "I think the shows should reflect the demographic of the CITY they are portraying. Atlanta is a very predominantly black city hence the black cast but yet they still made sure to make an effort to have a white woman on the show for years- which worked."

Jordan continued, "Also Dallas is a big city and they have a large Latin population so they saw fit to add you- a Latina to the show. Which is a great move. My point was there are a ton of beautiful, funny, very wealthy, charismatic Black women as well that YOU yourself was rubbing elbows with when I met you at @nikkichuhome event so I’m surprised you’re pushing back on this. So are u saying they have u so no need for more ethnicities since they have you? Or are you saying all the other shows need to add a Latina woman before we can add a black woman to Dallas??"

Claudia then explains why she stands by her original statement and believes why she still thinks the show still needs more diversity represented in the Dallas installment.

"I don’t get you taking issue to my statement that I absolutely stand by. What is wrong with me as an Aftican American woman wanting a city I love and lived in- showcase some of women worthy of being on a show that’s supposed to represent the dallas social scene? What’s the issue? I’d think you would be able to get behind a statement like this. It’s about misrepresenting the city. Make it make sense. This isn’t saying latinas don’t have spice but the fact remains the cast is still Very white."

Brittingham, who is no stranger to voice her opinion, then responded to Jordan's "very white" statement.

"@claudiajordan also im not pushing back you know I was behind you on this showing support on my insta but I don't think is ok to say DALLAS is not getting the needed spice just because they didn't add a black women."

Jordan, who still stands behind her statements, responded to Brittingham.

"@karybritt you agree but you “don’t like how I put it?” 🤦🏽‍♀️ Lord we cant even have a civil conversation without people wanting to control how the other words her thoughts and i wasn’t even being rude or mean🤦🏽‍♀️ Kary look at the ratings of the HW shows with charismatic black women- Thru the roof 3-4 million viewers. Dallas has 600k. Don’t you think making it more inclusive would be good for the brand? Many people didn’t even know there was a RHOD. Look- The same way I’m sure Latina’s weren’t interested in watching the show until they was someone their community could relative too- is the same way many black women feel. It’s really just common sense. I think perhaps you’re taking this way too personally like this is an attack on you as if you’re not enough “spice” alone," she wrote.

"There’s nothing wrong with wanting reality shows to be based on some kind of realty! Lots of fine candidates from that city that should get a consideration Kary. Pretty much every one that was at that dinner you attended. Let’s not go back and fourth for the public anymore- you have my phone number if you feel u need to get more off your chest . But pretty much I said what I said. Y’all need it badly. And I’m always going to be a straight shooter and tell it like it is=spicy. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

After a fan suggested that Kary was diverse since she's of Mexican descent, Brittingham wrote, "guess she only thinks of diversity if its her race," she wrote.

After another fan accused Jordan of "bashing" the show for not getting "the gig," Jordan fired back and revealed that she chose to host her talk show in L.A. instead of the Bravo hit reality series.

"umm I’m actually not vying for the gig since I got a very good paying “gig” in LA last November but even still casting was reaching out to me. Why can’t i have an opinion on something without it meaning I’m personally affected? It’s getting tired. If i know anything about me you’d already be aware that I’ve always been vocal and always fight for fairness," she wrote. "Only simple narrow minds would think this is some salty selfish nonsense. I knew another sister that was really in the running and she actually had all the things i think these show required. I really never thought I was quite right for it. Y’all gotta stop attacking anyone that has a damn opinion"

After another fan slammed Jordan, accusing of being "mad" for making the cut for RHOD, she clapped back. "I have no gig but I’m shooting a talk show every day in LA? Mannnn if you’re going to hate on somebody AT LEAST have the basic facts right. I got a much higher paying job that requires a 5th of the same hours in a lather market. What more about an upgrade don’t you understand? Damn y’all get mad for me standing up for women of color?? This has nothing to do with me but I see folks are triggered," she wrote.

After another fan accused Claudia of being salty, the former Celebrity Apprentice star responded, "what part of I have a show in LA that pays me more than I woulda been paid on the show don’t you understand? I cant be socially conscious without having a personal motive? Dumb and dumber. I don’t have to benefit from something to care about the greater good."

After another fan pointed out that the cast of RHONY also lacks diversity, Jordan responded, "SAD to read some of these comments pushing back," she wrote. "I'm not bashing or trashing anyone and folks are triggered. Why do we always have to fight for the obvious? Ughh."

Meanwhile, another fan revealed to be confused over Jordan's statement since Kary is Latina, Brittinham responded, "I could make the same argument about RHOA or all others why are they not any Mexicans?" she wrote.

What are your thoughts? Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo