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James Kennedy Reveals He’s Nine Months Sober; Says “I’ve Really Taken Hold Of My Life And Trying To Change It For The Better”

James Kennedy is opening up about his sobriety. During last week's appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Vanderpump Rules star spoke about his journey and said that he’s “going on to nine months sober.”

“I think because of all the drinking I was doing and stuff I was really hiding away from my true emotions and just blaming whatever I wanted to get out the easy way,” said Kennedy, after a clip of him and his girlfriend Raquel Leviss played, according to PEOPLE.

“I’m going on to nine months sober,” Kennedy told Cohen. “I haven’t had a drink in nearly nine months and I just feel completely different to what I was watching here. I have gone to AA meetings and stuff since then.”

Kennedy added that since he’s stopped drinking, he feels more in control of his life. “And you know, I’ve really taken hold of my life and trying to change it for the better and change our relationship for the better,” he said. “I know that I should be doing this for me, but I’m also doing it for my relationship with Raquel.”

During last week's episode of the Bravo hit reality series, Kennedy's girlfriend Raquel Leviss called him out for his behavior, which is much associated with his drinking. In the clip played on WWHL, Kennedy said, “There’s something about this time, I truly feel like I need to take it seriously before she just walks out the door.”

Cohen also asked him about the times on the show when he hid his drinking from others. “I have hidden that before from people, and I have lied about that before,” Kennedy responded. “But you know this time I’m not lying to myself about it and it feels incredible — eventually the people will see too.”

Photo Credit: Bravo