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Emily Simpson Reveals The ‘Most Important’ Thing She’s Learned About Being On RHOC! Plus She Shares An Update On Her Fitness And Health Journey!

Emily Simpson shares an update about her health and fitness journey since getting hip replacement surgery. The Real Housewives of Orange County star spilled the tea about being part of the Bravo hit reality series and more during a recent Q&A session on Instagram.

When asked how her hip was doing since getting surgery, "Amazing! I wish I had surgery two years earlier but I had unfortunately become accustomed to the horrible pain and had altered my life around it," she wrote. "I was sad. Depressed. Non active... now I feel like a totally new person."

Emily then shared an update on her weight loss and fitness journey. "As of right now, I don't actually know... I don't weigh myself very often because I feel like the number on the scale can be detrimental to your psyche and not indicative of health, strength and body fat percentage etc! I have lowered my body fat percentage significantly and I like to gauge my fitness by how my pants fit and my BMI on my @fittrack."

She continued, "I think I've changed my thinking... instead of obsessing about a certain weight on the scale, I decided to not really weight myself often and focus more on feeling strong and healthy and fit."

Then, Emily talked about being part of the RHOC. She then revealed what was the "most important thing" she learned from the Bravo hit reality series.

"To be opinionated but to be prepared to apologize later for it...," she shared during her Instagram Q&A session.

After a fan asked if we will see former cast member Lizzie Rovsek on the show's upcoming fifteenth season, she simply tagged the swimwear designer.

When asked if she would join another Housewives series aside from RHOC, she revealed, "Salt Lake City!!"

Simpson then shared her favorite thing from being on RHOC, she said, "When people reach out and send me kind messages telling me I inspired them to work out and get healthy... or my fertility journey resonated with them and they feel less alone in their own journey ... etc. I enjoy the personal connection and the opportunity to showcase that we all have trails and tribulations and love, kindness and human connection is what we all truly want."

Photo Credit: Instagram