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Denise Richards Teases What Viewers Can Expect From RHOBH Season 10; Says “It Was A Challenging Season For Me To Say The Least”

Denise Richards is teasing viewers what they can expect in the upcoming tenth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Bravo dropped the trailer, which she'll be in the hot seat this season.

"Well, you know trailers are meant to hopefully get people to want to watch a show or movie, and I definitely think that this trailer delivered for people who want to watch the show, which is good," she told Entertainment Tonight. "There's a lot of stuff that goes on in this season for sure. It was a challenging season for me to say the least. Yeah… you'll have to watch."

Richards then explains why this season will be much different compared to last season.

"This was something I was not expecting at all," she says. "I was very much caught off guard. And, you know, the subject matter that seems to be in all the tabloids of late is...I don't know. I think it's kind of disgusting that they even talk about it. But that's something they choose to, and I've had worse things said, so you know, I can rise above it."

Denise then reveals how she and her husband Aaron navigated the whole drama about the allegations that Brandi made about their alleged hookup.

"I am strong, but ... I'm human, too," she said. "But I have a very solid marriage and I -- my husband and I, we just rise above it. You know, in the big picture, we can't worry about that stuff."

Photo Credit: Bravo