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Cary Deuber Reveals Which RHOD Storyline ‘Started As A Goof’ And Explains Why She Believes Brandi Redmond Was The One Who Started The Roundup Rumors About Her Husband Mark Deuber!

Cary Deuber is spilling major tea about her time on The Real Housewives of Dallas.  The original cast member, who appeared as a full-time cast member for the first three seasons and a cameo appearance in Season 4, reveals which storylines were faked for the Bravo hit reality series.

Cary and her husband Mark revealed that the laser center they opened during the show's second season started out as a fake storyline for the mother-of-one but it turned into the real project for the couple.

“The laser center kinda started as a goof to have a storyline for season two,” explained Mark shared on Danny Pellegrino’s podcast, Everything Iconic, according to Reality Blurb. “And I’m like … the only way that I’m gonna let you play that storyline is if you really get your a-s in there and run something and then I’m gonna go with it.”

Cary added, “I didn’t want [my storyline] to be that he gets his d–k sucked at the round up.”

“I mean …. it was sort of in the works,” added Mark, noting how their new business venture wasn’t only for the show. “But then, you know, it was for her story and then she ran it. If I had to run it it probably would have been a little half a-s thing because, you know, but she’s a boss b—h up there, she’s turned it into a monster.”

“That’s a great take away from Housewives, too,” added Cary, “because I learned how to be a b—h! Well … I learned how to stand up for myself.”

Cary then shared an update on her relationship with LeeAnne Locken. She said after Locken soften up, it was earlier for her to forgive her  and handling things with “grace and integrity.”

But things cannot be said the same about former co-star Brandi Redmond. During her interview on the popular podcast, Cary believes that it was actually Brandi who started the rumors of Mark hooking up with men at the Round-Up.

“This is my opinion,” stated Cary. “If you guys watch that season, Brandi was in the car with LeeAnne on their way to the surgery center where LeeAnn got her botched tits done […] by the OB-GYN.”

Cary continued with her theory, “Brandi is in the car ride and she is literally egging [LeeAnne] on, I think. You only see what you see … I wasn’t there. But I feel like … that just didn’t come out of thin air.”

Podcast host Danny then asked, “Right, so you hate Brandi?”

“No … No. I gotta tell ya, I don’t hate anyone,” said Cary, adding: “I wish her well and her dead bunny and whatever-the-f–k-else. That’s a thin storyline, but …. yeah.”

Cary concluded the interview about discussing the possibility of returning to RHOD.

“You know what […] I would not go back with the cast the way that it is,” she explained, noting that she’s still friends with Kameron Wescott and Kary Brittingham but not too fond of the others., reports Reality Blub.

Photo Credit: Instagram