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Tanya Sam Teases ‘Crazy’ RHOA Cast Trip To Greece; Says “Things Really Heat Up Between The Girls”

Tanya Sam is sharing details about what viewers can expect in the upcoming cast trip to Greece, which will air in future episodes on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “There’s some little crazy moments in Greece. You could see things really heat up between the girls,” she told HollywoodLife.

“I think I was like, ah, in panic then. Yeah, I would say Greece was pretty crazy. That was a good one. But really and truly, you get to see going back and forth with the ladies and stuff. I appreciate the friendships that I’ve made because it means that when you look back on things you’re like, wow, it’s really nice to see that people truly have your back. And those friendships are becoming really solid,” she added.

While Tanya didn't reveal the identities of her cast members that got in the altercation, she teased that it's worth watching.

“There’s clips that were out that they’re kind of teasing in the mid-season teaser where you see me literally freaking out like, ‘Everybody stop,’ trying to get control of the ladies.”

Despite the dama, Sam admits that she enjoyed her time on the trip. “All in all Greece is an amazing time. We do have a really great time…this is only my second [season], so I don’t really have that much runway to compare it to, but it’s fine. I think the nice thing is I’ve gotten a second year to really build my relationship with the girls and understand everyone and I think they get a better understanding of me too. So that’s been really wonderful and we just have a really good time together,” she said.

Photo Credit: Bravo