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Tamra Judge Claps Back At Wendy Williams Over Her RHOC Season 15 Salary Offer; Reveals She Was Offered $200K For 3 Episodes — Plus Tamra’s Son Ryan Vieth Shares Surprising Update On His Relationship With Simon Barney!

Days after announcing her exit from The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge clapped back at Wendy Williams over the salary offer she got from Bravo for the show's upcoming fifteenth season.

During the Hot Topics segment on an episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the daytime talk show host addressed Judge’s decision to turn down the offer of a “limited role” on the Bravo hit reality series.

“Now Tamra said that she’s leaving the show after she was offered a limited role. And when I tell you a limited role, they were giving her $900,000 a season. This is Tamra. They reduced her to shooting three scenes for $20,000,” said Williams, according to a report by PEOPLE.

But according to Judge, she was offered much more than what Williams mentioned in her talk show.

“NOT TRUE @wendyshow,” she replied on her Instagram Story alongside footage of Williams discussing Judge’s decision. “You need to add another zero to that number.”

Judge then praised Williams for affirming her choice to say goodbye to the franchise.

“At least she’s got the cujones to say, ‘Oh hell no, I am out. I’m out!’ ” Williams continued in the segment, with Judge posting a clapping hands emoji atop the footage.

“And then last night, our friend Andy Cohen Instagrammed that Tamra said she was fired,” said Williams, who directed viewers to a clip of Andy Cohen and Judge talking in an Instagram Live session.

In the clip, Judge told Cohen she was at home “studying my real estate because now I need a new career.”

“This is the smart thing about you,” Cohen said, “you always had other businesses going the whole time.”

Replied Judge, “I do! And thank God for Vena CBD or I would be sitting in front of Costco with a sign saying, ‘Andy Cohen fired me. I will work — no, I won’t work. Just give me money.’ ” (In addition to owning and operating Vena Wellness, a popular CBD company, and CUT Fitness, a gym, Judge said in her Instagram Story, “I renew my real estate license every 4 year … cuz you never know.”)

Judge’s Instagram Story then cut back to Williams, who said, “Tamra’s got a good attitude. She was grateful for the show. The show gave her a really, really — she met her husband during the show, the show made her rich, and now she’s moving on.”

“And if you’re going to only shoot three episodes for $20,000, that’s the kind of thing you do,” Williams said. “You just move on.”

Judge shared via her Instagram Story about the clip of Williams' segment, “@Wendyshow I had a great 12 year run and thankful for my time on @bravotv,” Judge wrote.

 Meanwhile, Tamra's son Ryan Vieth shared how her truly felt about his mom's departure from RHOC and shared a surprising update on his relationship with his former stepfather, Simon Barney, during a recent Q&A session via Instagram.

“Ever talk to Simon?” a fan asked Ryan on January 30, according to Reality Blurb. “Yup every week, just talked to him 10 [minutes] ago,” Ryan replied.

After being asked about his mom’s most iconic moment on RHOC, Ryan claimed he hasn’t watched the show in years.

“To be honest I haven’t watched a single episode in many many years. It was never really my thing, I just liked the easy money,” he shared.

HE added: “I’m glad it’s done and over with. And from what I hear my mom is on to bigger and better things. The show is very toxic and I don’t see it lasting very much longer.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram, Google Images