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Ronnie Negus Is Writing A Book About Being “Fit And Fab After 40”

Ronnie Negus has revealed the latest project she'll be working on. The Real Housewives of Vancouver star announced via her Instagram Stories that she'll be releasing a book that focuses on women who are "fit and fab after 40."

"New book in the making... Fit and Fab after 40 and how not to fall apart...," Negus wrote. Women who are over 40 who have had kids and who are fit will share their health & beauty secrets + work out regimes .... "Canada's first edition."

She then urged her female followers to "DM photos to me ...." as she will collaborate with Joanne Vivolo.

"Over 40 ... fit and have had kids....," she continued. "DM photos ....."

"Will be traveling around Canada to find the best of the best for our 1st edition."

" "Fit and fav over 40 and how not to fall apart" ..." "

She added: "Women will share fitness and beauty secrets + work out regimes."

Photo Credit: Instagram