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Jana Webb’s JOGA Program Now Available On Fitplan App!

Jana Webb, who is the owner and founder of the successful and unique Yoga named based brand Joga is brining her expertise for everyone to try out her workout programs via the Fitplan app. The Real Housewives of Toronto star shared the exciting news via her Instagram page.

“I’m so EXCITED and humbled to finally bring you JOGA on @fitplan_app . I have been designing these programs for over 11 years and for the first time ever YOU can do JOGA any time anywhere!!! The link to sign up for my Fitplan is in my bio ⬆️⬆️,” she wrote.

“If you are looking for a body weight workout that is quick and that produces results - you will love JOGA . Is the perfect piece to add to your existing routine and I promise you will feel more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.  Direct message me if you ANY questions! Can’t wait to get your feedback!”

Webb then revealed the reason why she decided to design her Joga plan. “It’s a pretty surreal feeling knowing that people from all around the world have access to a program that involves my life’s work of creating Joga. Joga was created by me on my mat - designing movements that were safe for both the athletic body and the bendy body,” she wrote. “The BEST athletes in the world do this program because it works. It’s that simple . And the reason it works is because of the work that was put into it to create a science based program . Heres the best part - you don’t have to be professional athlete to do Joga! Because of this platform everyone can try it!”

FitPlan also shared the happy news via their official web page. “Jana Webb: mother, survivor, innovator and industry disruptor -discovered yoga as a method to recover from an injury. She learned quickly that traditional yoga did not adhere to her tight, athletic body or her results based mind set . So she created Joga, a hybrid of the science of yoga with the biomechanics of sport movement. After 16 years, 500 health practitioners have become Joga certified and Joga is deemed the governing body of yoga in sport. Her clients include thousands of professional athletes & sports teams from the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, CFL, NFL, Hockey Canada, Red Bull, WWE and many more. Now for the first time ever she is bringing her program to you: the corporate athlete, the urban athlete, the mom athlete - the athlete in you!”

So what can you expect from Jana's Joga Fitplan?
-28 day fit plan
-Train 4x/week
-30 minute guided Joga flows.⠀
-Professional secrets.⠀
-Full detailed instructions and cues on how to perform every exercise.⠀
-Access to all Fitplans + trainers.
You can start today for a free 7-day trial when you choose an annual plan here:, courtesy via FitPlan

If you are wondering what is Joga, “JOGA a movement system made up of the benefits of yoga combined with the biomechanics of sport, created specifically for an athletes body, and an athletes mindset. It is the only type of “yoga” an athlete should be doing, and a dominating force in the fitness industry,” according to Webb's company's official website, JOGA.

Photo Credit: Instagram