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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Cast Member Jen Shah Calls Out RHOD’s Brandi Redmond — Find Out Why!

Jen Shah, who is one of the newest cast members for the upcoming new series, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently feuding with Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond.

The feud started when Redmond revealed during the podcast she shares with bestie and co-star Stephanie Hollman, Weekly Dose of B.S. that a certain cast member of Salt Lake City series is renting her friend's home.

“I do know that one of those ladies is renting a house,” she revealed on the podcast.

After Hollman asked who was it, Brandi said, “I don’t know the cast but I do know that one of them is a renter.”

“Because they are renting a friend’s of mine home.”

“Oh my gosh, so the home belongs to you’re friend – that’s so crazy,” Hollman tells Redmond.

Brandi added: “They just recently moved in, and I know that – my friend, who’s a member in our Country Club, she was like ‘Oh my gosh, they rented our home, they had to get permission, our HOA is not happy with it – you know, whatever – but um, it’s a home in the golf course, so you’ll probably know who it is when cameras start rolling,” ends the topic with a laugh.

While Brandi didn't reveal the identity of the potential new cast member, it's revealed that Redmond was talking about Jen Shah.

Shah reacted to Redmond's comments on Instagram after a fan page shared an audio clip of Redmond's comments.

Shah came for Redmond in the comment section of the Instagram post.

“Ok #1. We rent the Shah Ski Chalet in Glenwilde. Is this what everyone is getting their gstring up their ass about bcuz their irrelevant? Or is it bcuz they wish they could afford to pay the rent plus own 4 other homes and have an apt in NYC? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Let’s put this to’s not Lisa Barlow, and everyone knows we rent in park city for the winter,” she wrote. “What’s your point? AND YES I run around in the snow in my 6 inch Louboutins bcuz what the fuck else would I wear? Thank you 😘”

She continued: “You want to come for me with your red hair and bull shit, come harder honey, you’re about to get a taste of SHAH SQUAD and I don’t fuck around. PERIODT.”

“I carry hot sauce in my bag Bitch and a jar of Vaseline. Check yourself before you wreck your fucking self. Stay the fuck out of my zip code. Happy Black History Month. ❤️,” Jen wrote.

Jen added: “Dallas red head...don’t be mad sis. Dye your fucking hair and get a face lift. 👌🏽,” she wrote about Redmond.

Jen also threw major shade towards Brandi via her Instagram Stories.

Credit: Instagram/TheRealJenShah

Credit: Instagram/TheRealJenShah

Credit: Instagram/TheRealJenShah

Something tells me that we shouldn't sleep on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City girls because it's obvious they're not to be messed with - which makes perfect reality television.

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Photo Credit: Instagram