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New Details Emerge On Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Jen Shah’s ‘Renter’ Drama! Allegedly One Of Jen’s Co-Stars Previously Attempted To Leak The Information!

New details have emerged about the accusations that Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah is renting a home. If you recall, Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond revealed on her podcast that a certain cast member of Salt Lake City series is renting her friend's home.

“I do know that one of those ladies is renting a house,” she revealed on the podcast.

After Hollman asked who was it, Brandi said, “I don’t know the cast but I do know that one of them is a renter.”

“Because they are renting a friend’s of mine home.”

“Oh my gosh, so the home belongs to you’re friend – that’s so crazy,” Hollman tells Redmond.

Brandi added: “They just recently moved in, and I know that – my friend, who’s a member in our Country Club, she was like ‘Oh my gosh, they rented our home, they had to get permission, our HOA is not happy with it – you know, whatever – but um, it’s a home in the golf course, so you’ll probably know who it is when cameras start rolling,” ends the topic with a laugh.

While Brandi didn't reveal the identity of the potential new cast member, it's revealed that Redmond was referring about Jen Shah.

Shah reacted to Redmond's comments on Instagram after a fan page shared an audio clip of Redmond's comments. Shah came for Redmond in the comment section of the Instagram post.

“Ok #1. We rent the Shah Ski Chalet in Glenwilde. Is this what everyone is getting their gstring up their ass about bcuz their irrelevant? Or is it bcuz they wish they could afford to pay the rent plus own 4 other homes and have an apt in NYC? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Let’s put this to’s not Lisa Barlow, and everyone knows we rent in park city for the winter,” she wrote. “What’s your point? AND YES I run around in the snow in my 6 inch Louboutins bcuz what the fuck else would I wear? Thank you 😘”

She continued: “You want to come for me with your red hair and bull shit, come harder honey, you’re about to get a taste of SHAH SQUAD and I don’t fuck around. PERIODT.”

“I carry hot sauce in my bag Bitch and a jar of Vaseline. Check yourself before you wreck your fucking self. Stay the fuck out of my zip code. Happy Black History Month. ❤️,” Jen wrote.

Jen added: “Dallas red head...don’t be mad sis. Dye your fucking hair and get a face lift. 👌🏽,” she wrote about Redmond.

However, new details have emerged about the drama and apparently the information was allegedly leaked by Shah's rumored co-star Heather Gay. A fan page on Instagram, Real Housewives of SLC, claimed Gay and her friends attempted to expose Shah as a renter before Brandi revealed it on her podcast.

The fan page revealed that Heather and “her minions” allegedly came to them months ago with the information in hopes of them leaking the information.

“We heard this rumor over two months ago when filming first started. Initially it seemed like Heather Gay and her minions were just trying to spread a petty rumor about a fellow housewife and wanted US to post about it... the rumor being this housewife had quickly rented a home before filming for #RHOSL began due to her HOA not wanting to be associated with the show. Heather’s “friends” implied this housewife was renting a nicer home than the one she owns in order to boost her image on the show,” the page stated.

“When we did some digging about the accusation, it was totally denied and people close to the situation basically painted Heather out to be a liar and a moron. Lots of people rent ski homes in Utah for THE SKI SEASON while they renovate or lease out the homes they own. It’s now been revealed on @bsthepodcast Heather was in fact NOT LYING about the rental home, but more importantly: the bigger issue is not that someone rents a home, but that Heather and her friends were trying to make this woman look bad for doing so.... EVEN CRAZIER- we now know it’s not who we first thought (one of Heather’s enemies)... but it’s one of her closest friends in the cast she’s been spreading this rumor about!”

That's not all, another Instagram page, The Bravo Boy, co-signed with RHOSL fan page about Gay being the one who has allegedly tried to have them leak the renting information about Shah.

“Back in December I also got anon messages claiming a RHOSL was trying to rent a house in Glenwild and that the HOA denied them entry. However it named a different woman. I never posted, instead made the parties aware,” the page shared.

“Besides Jen other RHOSL lives in Glenwild, and ironically happens to be the one who allegedly does not like the woman named in anon messages.” The page added the caption, “Someone's really desperate for a snowflake...”

The RHOSL fan page shared the tea that The Bravo Boy shared via Instagram Stories.

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Photo Credit: Instagram