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NeNe Leakes Explains Why She Is ‘Very Undecided’ About Her Future On RHOA! Plus She Says Kenya Moore ‘Will Be The Demise Of’ RHOA!

NeNe Leakes discusses her future on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “Every season when the show ends, what me and my team do is we get together and we talk about what’s best for me,” she said on The Talk, according to Us Weekly. “So hopefully Real Housewives is best for me. I don’t know.”

Leakes went on to say that she is still “very undecided,” adding, “I mean, the show is still going on, and I have to finish watching the last episodes to make sure that nasty girl [Kenya Moore] is staying in her place and not saying things that she shouldn’t be saying. That nasty girl!”

“As far as coming back, I feel like this show is my baby. I started this show,” she said on Wednesday. “But I also feel like I don’t want to be in a group where I feel like everybody is attacking and being very malicious. … I have it on my Instagram: ‘I like to talk a lot of trash but I have a heart of gold.’ I do, I do.”

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Leakes opened up about her feud with co-star Kenya Moore. “That girl is crazy,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Something is really wrong with her. No, seriously.”

Leakes guest-hosted the show on Tuesday, just two days after Andy Cohen confronted Moore on Watch What Happens Live over her claim that NeNe was being "phased out” of the Bravo hit reality series. Andy brought up the comments after NeNe herself tweeted into the show, asking him to press Kenya on the allegation.

“How does she know? I mean, does she... is she in production?” NeNe asks. “I don't know. I don't know why she says the things that she says, but what I do know is, for whatever reason -- I don't know how it sounds, I don't know if it's great to even say -- but I think that she would love for me to be gone, so she could be, in her mind, the head of the show, or the queen of the show, or the one that everyone is talking about. With me there, it's very difficult for her to have that kind of thing. So, I also think that, if I leave the show and Kenya stays on the show, she will be the demise of the show.”

“If it was my time to go, I absolutely have no problem with that, because the show has been good to me,” NeNe explains. “I've been there since day one, and I opened up this door so that Kenya 'Big Mouth' Moore could walk through it, OK?”

“I think sometimes when you're that personality, that's powerful -- like me, you've been there since day one -- I feel like I'm a threat to certain girls,” NeNe goes on to offer. “I don't know why, because I personally think that everybody has their own lane. The problem is, don't you cross over in my lane. Stay over there. We don't want to have a car crash! Stay in your lane, girl.”

NeNe claims NeNe says she attempted to “smooth it over” with Kenya "several times," but the former Miss USA was never receptive to it.

“You know, I'm not gonna back down, girl, I'm not gonna back down,” she says. “And I think that's what [Kenya] knows, so she knows she can get some drama from me, 'cause I'm not gonna back down. I don't mind -- I don't want to argue every day. I'm on a spiritual journey. I have someone who's guiding me a lot, and has helped me a lot. I don't want to bicker every day with these girls. And I always feel like, no matter what I do, it's very hard for them to forgive. But, they forgive each other in five seconds, all the time. And they've done worse things to each other than I've ever done to them.”

“Kenya, I've never had a friendship with her,” she adds. “I've never had a friendship with her. She's always come around and wanted to bicker with me, and I think she wanted to bicker with me because it looks good in the press.”

“I don't even know what was going through my mind in that moment, but what I do know is, I didn't spit on her -- but I sorta, kinda wish I had,” NeNe told Entertainment Tonight. “I'm just gonna be honest about that, because I just think some of the things Kenya says is really nasty and really dirty. And I just feel like, girl, you are just -- you probably need to be spit on. You just probably need to be. And it may not sound great, but she probably needs to be spit on. And I have no sympathy for her. I just don't.”

NeNe says she did the “act of” spitting, but didn’t actually spit at her co-star. Kenya, however, claims that NeNe did, in fact, spit on her.

“Of course she wanted to run with it, and that's fine by me,” NeNe replies. “I don't care, girl. Run with it -- I only wish I had spit on you, girl.”

NeNe has yet to make a decision about her future on Housewives -- and the network doesn’t make casting decisions until after a season has fully wrapped, reunion included -- but she does note that she doesn't “want to continue to be in a setting where I feel like they're being very malicious towards me.”

“Everybody's human on this show, and everybody makes mistakes -- and I feel like I've definitely made mistakes, but I also feel like my mistakes are forgivable, and if they can forgive each other, I don't see why they can't forgive me for any little thing,” she laments. “And the whole thing that they're trying to hold against me is last year. Last year, my husband had cancer, and I was his caretaker. I dealt with so much last year, and I feel like I don't get a break for that, or I don't get any sympathy for that, because I'm NeNe. We never had cancer in our home before. And everyone is like, 'Well, last year...' Girl, last year, I don't even know who I was last year. Like, I went through so much last year.”

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