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Kim DePaola Weighs In On Danielle Staub And Margaret Josephs’ Epic Fight; Kim Says Danielle “Can’t Change” And Feels Margaret “Got What Was Coming To Her”

Kim DePaola, also known as Kim D is sharing her thoughts on the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The controversial reality star did not hold back when it came to weighing in on Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs.

“No. She can’t change. Danielle has about 25 personalities. Her head spins around like the exorcist and she becomes whatever Danielle she needs to be at the time,” she told Life & Style.

DePaola believes that Josephs and Staub are both at fault and even compared their fight to her own fight with Teresa Giudice at the Posche fashion show back in season 8.

“I think [it was] 100 percent wrong,” she says of Margaret’s decision to drench Danielle in water. “Let me go back to my fashion show when me and Teresa had our fight. When Teresa and I were fighting, I saw her keep going for her glass. No one’s going to throw a drink at me while I’m all made up before my fashion show. That’s the only reason why I left [the room]. I’m not afraid of her.”

Shockingly, Kim feels that Margaret got what she deserved. “For Margaret to throw water at Danielle is disrespectful. Should Danielle have almost broke her neck? No. But I understand how she got into that frame of mind,” she told Life & Style. “Listen, like I said to Joe Gorga, ‘You want to play with the big boys? You’re gonna get what’s coming to you.’ She played with the big boys. Danielle is no joke. And she got what was coming to her for throwing the water. That’s my opinion.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images