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Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her RHOA Feuds With Marlo Hampton And Tanya Sam! Plus She Reveals Which One Deserves A Peach!

Kenya Moore explains why Tanya Sam deserves a peach and why Marlo Hampton should not get one. "Marlo will never get a peach in my opinion," the Real Housewives of Atlanta star told Entertainment Tonight about the "friends" of the show.

"Listen, she has a horrible criminal past … so, that's just not Bravo's brand. And if she's been on the show for all of these years, doing the same thing, why would you want to make her a Housewife? I mean, you've gotten her as a friend of the show for 10 years, why make her a Housewife now? It just, to me, it's just not good business."

Despite her current beef with Sam, Moore believes that Tanya deserves to get a peach and become a full-time cast member.

"I do think that Tanya deserves a peach," she said. "I think that she's interesting, she's a little quirky and I think that she has a dark side."

The former Miss USA went on to explain about her drama with Sam and Hampton over WigGate.

"I never lied about it, I just didn't answer Marlo," Kenya makes clear. "[I didn’t want] to have a whole moment with Marlo."

As for Tanya exposing the wig to the rest of her co-stars, Moore said, "I think she knew exactly what she was doing because she found out that I was, at some point, speaking about Paul [Judge], her fiance of eight years and their relationship, and so that was her passive-aggressive way to try to hurt me, to try to discredit me and to try to make me look bad," Kenya says in response, adding that she regularly wears wigs and other protective styles to keep her natural hair healthy.

Photo Credit: Bravo