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Kenya Moore Hopes The Clear The Air With Her RHOA Co-Stars At Season 12 Reunion; Says “I Think The Reunion Is Going To Be A Little Tough For Me”

Kenya Moore reveals why she's looking forward to facing off with her Real Housewives of Atlanta at the filming of the upcoming Season 12 reunion taping. "Listen, I think reunion is going to be a little tough for me because I definitely have had problems with several of the ladies this season, from Eva [Marcille] early on to, you know, Marlo to Tanya to NeNe and to Cynthia, so it's going to be a tough reunion for me," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Kenya is, however, looking forward to discussing her new relationship with Porsha Williams. “It’s just funny how your journey is your own and, when you have someone that crosses paths, you were so divided before, it's just interesting how God can make you laugh, 'I'll show you,' you know?" Kenya shared.

Kenya says motherhood brought them closer. "I think that just brought us closer, and I would love for our stories to end up in a happy place and that we can navigate ourselves into a better place and be happy," she says. "We just have a really honest relationship, because it's primarily off-camera. So, when we are talking about our relationship, or our children, it’s not on camera. And so, to me that's more precious, that means it's genuine and that it's real, and so we just share a lot of intimate things with each other."

As far as working through things with NeNe at the reunion, Kenya hopes she actually shows up -- both physically and mentally.

Moore also wants to address something to Andy Cohen and her co-stars on the reunion. "Why do they never give me a pass?" she asks. "They give it to everyone else, but they never give me a pass, and they always look to make me look bad, or make me look like a villain, and my heart is always in the right place. It might be misguided sometimes, or might get caught up in a situation, like the proposal, but come on! That is my friend, you know? And even though I might be going through tough times in my own life, it has nothing to do with my friendships. So, yeah, I would want to know that."

Moore also reveals her marriage to Marc Daly has fallen apart. She admits it will be tough to watch that back but, in the end, she’s happy with her decision to return to RHOA.

"I survived, and I'm stronger for it," she told Entertainment Tonight. "At the end of the day, this is my legacy for my daughter, and I just want her to be able to be proud of her mom. I'm a CEO mom. I have a very successful … hair care company and, one day, she might have to take over that business. So, I want her to see, my mom was a real boss."

Photo Credit: Bravo