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Brinnette Seopela Reveals She’s Ready To Become A Mother; Says “If I Do Not Have A Baby This Year, I Will Definitely Have IVF”

Brinnette Seopela recently opened up about her desire to become a mother. The Real Housewives of Johannesburg star revealed that she can't wait to be a mom during an interview with Grace Norman on the Oh Gee! Show.

"I am feeling so broody, I feel I am getting old. As an only child I also feel pressure to make my mother a grandmother," she said, according to Briefly.

Brinnette recalls the pain she endured when she lost her first child a day before she got married to her now-ex-husband.

"I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. I felt as though a part of me was taken away from me. My whole world crumbled before my eyes."

These days, the reality star is happily dating a man she's crazy about but is unsure if they would take the extra step in becoming parents.

"I do not know if he wants a baby or not. If I do not have a baby this year, I will definitely have IVF. If that does not work out, I will have to adopt a baby. If I adopt, I will adopt a baby who is literally a few weeks old."

Photo Credit: Instagram