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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Defends Her Husband For Wearing Red Hells To LGBTQ Fundraiser And To Support Son; Says “We Were Supporting My Son Who Recently Started Showing An Interest In Drag” — Vicki Gunvalson Reacts!

Braunwyn Windham-Burke defended her husband Sean’s recent decision to wear a pair of red high heels to a fundraiser event for the LGBTQ Youth Center in San Diego. The Real Housewives of Orange County star took to Instagram to address the topic and responded to the hate comments her husband got for wearing heels.

The mother-of-seven revealed that Sean was showing support for their 14-year-old son Jacob, who “who recently started showing an interest in drag,” and LGBTQ youth with his sartorial choice.

“I woke up to a lot of DMs, a lot of questions from a lot of you and I just wanted to say, basically, why was my husband wearing heels,” Braunwyn said on her Instagram story Tuesday morning. “… [W]e were supporting my son who recently started showing an interest in drag and we were on our way to a fundraiser for the LGBT youth center in San Diego. And it was Sean’s way of supporting his son and all the other kids that the youth center helps. But, more importantly, it was a way to take something that so many are uncomfortable of and try to normalize it.”

She said that waking up to “all the hate that my husband’s getting for a pair of shoes sort of goes to show why this is so important. So, as long as a pair of shoes can be so pulverizing and divisive, it means we still have a lot of work to do because people aren’t understanding, people are judging.”

In January, Braunwyn revealed that Jacob “recently decided to give the world of Drag a try.”

“He’s never done things because others have and I love that about him,” she wrote, according to Page Six. “It’s hard to be a teenage boy, but he’s learned to talk through the hard stuff. He’s so close to his sisters, is the best at helping with the little kids, and will change a diaper without being asked!! I love you Jacob, you’re the best son anyone could hope for!”

Braunwyn’s co-star Emily Simpson attended the event as well.

Meanwhile, Vicki Gunvalson reacted to Sean pictured wearing heels in a now-deleted Instagram post.

The OG of the OC, who announced last month that she was leaving the series after fourteen seasons. She shared a photo of Braunwyn posing along with her husband, who is seen wearing red heels.

Vicki captioned the photo, “Does anyone else see what is on Sean's feet?”

Gunvsalson later deleted the post after receiving negative backlash over her reaction to Sean spotted wearing heels.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram