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Andy Cohen Explains Why Porsha Williams Was Almost Fired From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

Andy Cohen recently made some shocking revelations about the Real Housewives franchise. During an interview on The Jenny McCarthy Show, The Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host revealed that Posha Williams was nearly fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Cohen explained that after Porsha’s first season, which she joined the cast during the show's fifth season back in 2012,  producers of the Bravo hit reality series weren’t sure if they were going to keep on or not and even claimed that they had discussions about why she should be let go.

“At the end of Porsha’s first season, she was at the reunion, and it had just been announced like a day before, Kordell [Stewart] was leaving her and there was a fairly healthy dialogue amongst the producers about whether Porsha was going to come back at that time,” Andy told Jenny in the interview, according to a report by HollywoodLife. “This was the end of her first season.”

Andy went on to explain that Porsha seemed to redeem herself and prove her worthiness to be on the show at the reunion. “She got up there at that reunion and I was watching her and I was like, ‘oh my God’ I left, I was like, ‘I stand for Porsha, that was incredible’ and she cemented her place on the show,” he explained. “She gave like a two minute soliloquy about who she was and how she was gonna live her life going forward and this was not gonna define her and she’s stronger than this and I was like, ‘oh my god’. I totally underestimated this woman and look at where she is now on the show.”

Cohen used Williams as an example to never underestimate a cast member's potential. “It’s interesting how things change through the season,” he continued. “Even you could be saying, ‘oh well I don’t think this person’s coming back’ and then something could happen at the reunion where it changes.”

Porsha was been on RHOA since she joined in 2012 during the show's fifth season. She has remained a full-time cast member throughout the show, expect in Season 7, when she was reduced to a friend role.

Williams got divorced on the show, dated and eventually became a parent when her daughter Pilar in March 2019. Last year, Porsha and her fiancé Dennis McKinley landed their own baby special, Porsha's Having A Baby.

Photo Credit: Bravo