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Vanderpump Rules Newbies Brett Caprioni, Dayna Kathan & Max Boyens Tease ‘Insane’ Drama And Reveal What Viewers Can Expect From Them In Season 8!

Vanderpump Rules will feature a lot of new faces when the eighth season of the Bravo hit reality series returns on Tuesday night. New cast members Brett Caprioni, Dayna Kathan, and Max Boyens reveal what viewers can expect from them and tease major drama with the original cast.

"[We're] definitely anxious," Max told Entertainment Tonight about the season finally airing. "Excited, but… I don’t know? I don’t think we all know what’s gonna happen."

"It's an established show, it's been on for years and I’m just curious to see what everyone’s reaction is gonna be to us," Dayna shared. "I feel like we all went through some s**t this summer and so, like, that in it of itself -- this is not the hard part. Like, watching it come out and seeing all this … The hard part was just living our lives and having everything so captured."

The new cast members will be introduced in the first few minutes of the premiere episode. Dayna was the most invested in it beforehand, having watched the first few seasons. Max claims to have only seen one episode before, the one where Jax Taylor broke up with his then-girlfriend Carmen over pizza, while Brett recalls watching Scheana Shay's wedding and a later episode where he realized the marriage didn’t work out, reports ET.

"I'm hoping the audience perceives us as who we really are and not what, you know, is said online, or what people fabricate, you know, behind keyboards," Brett shares.

Dayna, who is a comedian aside from being a SURVer hopes the viewers find her "hilarious and down to earth," while Max bluntly admits he just wants to be accepted.

"I just want to be liked," he confesses. "I'm already well aware of what’s really gonna happen, you know? Everyone has the people that don't like them, who do really like them, and I think we just gotta really just embrace who we really are on this show and who we are in life, because that’s what they're filming."

"I just want them to be excited for new faces," Brett says. "New people, new energy, stuff like that. I’m looking forward to the reaction to that."

Max and Dayna's relationship will be tested this season as it's revealed that they hooked up prior to filming.

"She works for me at TomTom again now, so she’s just bartending," Max replies when asked to define their relationship. "We don’t grab drinks outside of work or anything."

Are their relationship with the original cast - Max, Dayna, and Brett all admit was both easy and challenging to navigate at first. While they say the Toms and Ariana Madix were welcoming, a few of the other SUR-vers put the newbies through their paces. Namely, Scheana Shay. While Shay took an immediate liking to Brett she found an unexpected enemy in Dayna.

"I mean, that was definitely from her end," Dayna clarifies. "Like, she was pretty cool to me upfront -- and I can speculate as to why I think that was, she'll say something different -- but she seemed to have a problem with me pretty quick off the bat. And then, after weeks of me just taking it, I finally didn’t want to anymore and then we finally came to a head and took a turn and became better friends and, like, started over… and then some other things happened that you'll see this season and, you know…"

The trio reveals that they didn't spend much time with the rest of the original cast as much. They all seem to refer to Stassi as more of an acquaintance than a pal -- but they promise they bring just as much drama as their predecessors.

"I would say it’s, like, same-same, but different, 'cause theirs is more deep-rooted and there's this history that they have, and I think some long-term issues that people are invested in," Dayna says. "Then ours just happened organically, but is new and people haven't seen that yet. So, I think there's a lot on both sides."

The group sums up season eight as "insane," being about change and just plain exciting.

"Just get ready for some real s**t,” Brett told Entertainment Tonight. "Life, living in L.A., being single, getting into trouble with things and being scandalous, you know?"

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal