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RHOCheshire Alum Ampika Pickston Is Launching Her Own Podcast!

Ampika Pickston has revealed that she's launching her own podcast this month. The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star took to Twitter to share the news with her followers. "My podcast starts on the 10th of January...making the version of you ..countdown begins," she wrote.

The entrepreneur also shared the good news on her Instagram page by sharing a video clip where she mother-of-one revealed what they can expect on her podcast.

A post shared by Ampika Pickston (@ampikapickston1) on

"I'm going to be launching my official podcast but I've teamed up with someone too. I've teamed up with a counselor and a therapist, her name is Diane Swade. I'm going to introduce her to you next week. She's absolutely fantastic like an angel that has been sent to me or should I say, that has been sent to us. We're going to be touching on certain subjects each week that can help you - survive!"
"It's like everyday tips and little tasks that you can do to make you mentally and physically stronger. We are thrown so much in our everyday life - and sometimes - life can become overwhelming," she continued. "And we're human, we got emotions - we eat our emotions, we don't look out that well as we should - life throws us huge curveballs and sometimes it's really difficult when you've been broken to piece yourself back together

She added: "So I want to be able to talk about my experiences, maybe you guys want to share some of your experiences and having a qualified therapist is like getting a counseling session for free each week."

Photo Credit: ITVBe