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Porsha Williams’ Fiancé Dennis McKinley Responds To Cheating Rumors After He Was Recently Spotted Out With Four Women At 4AM Without Porsha!

Porsha Williams’ fiancé, Dennis McKinley, was spotted out with four women in the Majestic diner in Atlanta at 4 a.m. on Saturday, January 4. “He came in with four beautiful women,” a spy witness told Radar Online about the Real Housewives of Atlanta fiancé.

“Porsha was not with him. Dennis was the only man in the group and all of the women were flirting with him.”

“The girl in black had her head on his shoulder,” the spy told the outlet. “It was like he was on a date with all of them.”

The source claimed that one woman was telling the other women how they met, and she said he “slid into her DMs,” explaining that he reached out to her on Instagram.

According to the source who watched Dennis flirt with all of the women, he was very generous and picked up the bill for the table.

“They all left in a black Escalade,” the source said about their exit from the diner in the early morning hours. “There was a driver, Dennis wasn’t driving.”

Meanwhile, McKinley responded to the rumors on his Instagram Stories along with a picture along with the caption, “I can’t eat?”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock, Bravo