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NeNe Leakes Gets Slammed By Her Son Bryson Bryant’s Alleged Baby Mama After Buying Him A House For His 30th Birthday!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes recently bought a home to her oldest son, Bryson Bryant, for his 30th birthday. The home is a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom and is located in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Bryson, who has a history of breaking the law has turned his life around.

According to All About The Tea, Bryson is doing well these days. “He’s working, staying out of trouble and has completely turned his life around,” a source told the outlet.

In the past, Bryson was arrested for a variety of charges including fraud, theft, and drug possession.

But Bryson's baby mama, Symone Davis slammed Leakes for buying him a house, claiming Bryson “can’t take care of himself.”

Symone claims that NeNe bought the home for “her image.”

“Why would a woman buy a grown a** man a house?” said Symone in a video captured by All About The Tea. Symone also claimed that NeNe will pay Bryson’s utilities as well.

“F*** NeNe. F*** her money,” she said.

Apparently, Davis' reason to blast Leakes and Bryson is that she allegedly was to appear on RHOA.

“She wants to be on the show,” a source told Radar Online about Symone. “She has tried to contact Bravo over and over.”

According to the insider, Symone’s diss against Bryson’s mother was not going to be addressed, on or off the show. “NeNe is not going to respond to her,” the source shared “Symone is telling the truth but the way she’s going about it is crazy.”

In 2017, Davis and Bryson had a fling. Although Bryson admitted he’d had sex with Symone, he claimed that she’s a liar and he’s not the father of her son Blaze, who is two-years-old.

“Look, when she was pregnant, she told me the baby wasn’t mine. I was like OK, cool and that was that. Now…she says it’s mine,” Bryson told Radar Online back in October 2018.

But Symone said she’d filed court papers to get child support from him. Symone previously claimed that she and Bryson were in a relationship and that he admitted to her privately that he’s her boy’s father.

“He’s been dodging me left and right every time I’ve tried to have him served with papers to pay child support for our son,” Symone told Radar at the time. “NeNe doesn’t help out and doesn’t even acknowledge me or her grandson,” Symone alleged.

Photo Credit: Bravo