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Meghan King Edmonds Regrets Defending Jim Edmonds’ RHOC Behavior; Says “I Was Blinded By Love”

Meghan King Edmonds opens up about the regrets she feels about her five-year marriage to estranged husband Jim Edmonds in the wake of their divorce filing, especially regarding how he treated her during her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

If you recall, Jim got a lot of flack how he treated Meghan during their time on the show. Jim earned a reputation for being “controlling,” “condescending,” and “annoyed” with his wife, claims repeated to him by Andy Cohen on the Season 10 reunion.

“I felt like I was such a dumba–,” she said during an appearance on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast, according to PEOPLE. “I was watching myself like, ‘Oh my god, Meg, you’re so dumb.’ ”

“I wasn’t dumb, I knew what I saw, but I was defending him so much like any good spouse should defend,” Meghan added. “And that’s what I did. But I think I was brainwashing myself to really see what was going down.”

“I was blinded by love,” she continued. “It was hard for me to watch a lot of the interactions that Jim would have with me.”

“I just think if the spotlight shifts from anyone other than him, it’s a challenge for his ego,” said Meghan. “But at the same time, suck it up! Clearly this means something to your wife, [so] suck it up, swallow your pride, and just play along for five minutes and then you can go do whatever you want to do. That’s what I think about it.”

“He was such a curmudgeon about it,” Meghan said, noting how Jim was absent during her in vitro fertilization procedure for now 3-year-old daughter Aspen.  “When [season 2] came up, he was like, ‘I’m not going to film.’ If you want to skip a party, okay fine, but maybe if your wife is going through IVF, you make a little bit of an effort! That bothered me. But I would ask people to think about their marriage. This is the person you love, and you’re committed to. You make excuses for them and … pick your battles.”

Then, McDonald asked Meghan if she considered divorcing Jim after the sexting scandal, Meghan said she didn’t.

“I really tried to keep my brain away from that because I’m big on manifestations and keeping it all positive, so I didn’t allow thoughts like that to enter my mind,” she said, according to PEOPLE. “However I did know there were massive red flags that we needed to work on and work through in order to come out on the other end. So that’s where I was focused.”

“I love my family. I worked really hard for my family,” she also said, “I worked really hard for my marriage and my stepkids. Really hard. After I found out that Jim had a sexting affair for months on end — despite seeing that, I said, ‘I love you, I’m committed to you, let’s work through this, let’s figure this out.’ And that didn’t happen.”

“Some people wouldn’t have tried,” Meghan added. “I’m an enabler, I think we just discovered that. But I did what I did. I can’t regret it. I have three kids.”

Photo Credit: Tony DiMaio/MEGA; Bill Greenblatt/UPI Newscom/Mega