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Meghan King Edmonds Opens Up About The Final Argument That Led Her Split From Jim Edmonds!

Meghan King Edmonds opened up recently about the final argument that preceded her split from husband Jim Edmonds. "There was a contentious argument that morning with the nanny, who I suspected Jim having an inappropriate relationship with, and she left," The Real Housewives of Orange County alum said on the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast.

"I got scared of Jim, that he was gonna become physical with me. He was very upset and so I called the police. The police came and at that point, that is when he literally packed a bag and left. He packed up his hard drive from his computer, took the credit card out of my wallet and everything. He wanted to make sure I had no access to his money, so I didn’t, even though he left me with our three children."

Heather asked if Jim really took her credit card. "Yes, like rummaged through my purse while I was upstairs hiding from him," she claimed. "This is really the clincher right here: our five-year anniversary was the day before and he got me pair of Chanel boots that I wanted that I tried on in the store and put on hold and a pair of jeans. He took those too. He took my gifts for the anniversary... Yes, I opened them up the day before and said, 'Thanks, I love them.' And he took them back! That’s the level we’re working with."

Meghan revealed that the public drama that's followed her split from Jim is all a lot to handle. "What I'm dealing with between this divorce and the nastiness of it, the back and forth between St. Louis and Los Angeles, my son's neurological issues and just being a mom of three little kids in general, it's heavy," she said, according to Bravo's The Daily Dish. "It's a lot of heavy burdens to carry and sometimes I just have to say to God, ‘Can you please help me carry these?'"

Heather then asked Meghan what advice she would give to others who might find themselves in a similar situation. "People ask me this all the time," Meghan said. "I don't know. I would say it sucks. How do you give advice for something like that? You literally just survive. Put one foot in front of the other. I personally try to connect with myself. I'm really spiritual so I do a lot of praying and fresh air is always good for me. Saying my feelings out loud — there's some power in that for me."

On October 25, Meghan and Jim split after five years of marriage. An insider told Us Weekly at the time that the former Bravo reality star had accused Jim of cheating with their nanny Carly Wilson. However, Jim and Carly both denied the allegations, and on October 30, Jim said that he was “saddened tremendously” that Meghan was hurting.

The couple made headline news last year after rumors surfaced that Jim had sexted another woman while Meghan was pregnant with their boys.

Meghan and Jim are parents of three children: Daughter Aspen (3) and twin sons Hart and Hayes (19 months).

Photo Credit: Instagram