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Lebo JoJo Gunguluza’s Husband Denies Having Financial Problems!

Lebo Gunguluza, the husband of Real Housewives of Johannesburg star Lebo Jojo Gunguluza is denying reports that they are having financial issues. The successful businessman addresses the topic on social media after many reports surfaced online that his car was repossessed.

An old Sunday Sun report surfaced online that Mr. Lebo was “stripped of his fancy BMW” after failing to keep up with the monthly installments.

According to the report, Gunguluza confirmed that the BMW 316i was indeed repossessed after the couple’s lavish wedding in Mauritius in 2018.

“I had budgeted R2 million for our wedding but in the end, it cost me R3 million. That car became a casualty since I’m still servicing that debt,” he told the publication at the time, according to All 4 Women.

(Image: Twitter)

After the RHOJ couple faced many shady tweets from fans of the series, who were making fun of the couple's alleged financial issues, Mr. Lebo decided to address the topic and set the record straight via his Instagram page.

Mr. Lebo confirmed that the story everyone is sharing on social media is old. He also explained what really happened to his car. “I don’t understand why I am trending for a story that happened a few years back,” he wrote.

“I bought my ex-girlfriend a car under my name and we broke up years ago, we agreed that she will continue the installment avoiding unnecessary steps of having to take the car back and sell it. She ended up not paying and I had my own commitments such as planning a wedding for my wife,” he wrote.

Mr. Lebo also shared a message for those who are “concerned” about his financial situation.

“For all those that are concerned I’m ok and my family is fine, we are in a better position and we are looking forward to this year 2020.”

Photo Credit: Forbes Africa, Instagram