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Lala Kent Slams Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars Brett Caprioni And Max Boyens Over Their “Truly Disgusting” Resurfaced Racist Tweets; Says “Blaming Bigotry On Immaturity Is Something I Will Not Stand For”

Lala Kent has a lot to say after her new Vanderpump Rules co-stars Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni came under fire last week over their past offensive and racist tweets that had resurfaced on social media.

The Bravo reality star went off at her co-stars for their "disgusting" comments via her Instagram Stories.

“The tweets that were posted by my ‘cast members’ are truly disgusting. Blaming bigotry on immaturity is something I will not stand for, and I refuse to be [a part] of such ignorance and hate.”

She continued: “I hope our show will move forward on the path we were once on; crazy drunken banter, mending friendships or ruining them, living authentic lives.”

She concluded: “What has recently been displayed on Twitter is far from what we represent, on our show.”

Caprioni and Boyens made headlines after social media users started sharing screenshots of their offensive tweets from 2011 and 2012, which included homophobic, sexist and racist tweets. Caprioni and Boyens have since publically apologized.

Brett and Max's boss, Lisa Vanderpump came to their defense after their past tweets resurfaced.

“I do not condone any of the heinous comments made in the past by Max and Brett and I am glad they understand the severity of their offenses and have shown utmost remorse and contrition,” she said in a statement to Us Weekly. “I embrace a community of diversity and do not tolerate bigotry of any form within my workplace.”

Vanderpump added that both Boyens and Caprioni are “appropriately ashamed of their past obnoxious teenage arrogance and casual use of unacceptable terms.”

LVP concluded: “While both have now matured as adults, they have shown remorse for their prior reckless defamatory statements. I do sincerely believe both have learned the power and impact words can have, and I have every hope this will be a lifelong lesson for them as we move into this new decade.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images