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Kameron Westcott And Stephanie Hollman’s Husband Travis Hollman Feud On Social Media Over A Twitter Poll!

Kameron Westcott and Stephanie Hollman’s husband Travis Hollman feud on social media over a Twitter poll. Travis accused the Real Housewives of Dallas star of buying votes after she won a poll where she went up against his wife.

After it was revealed that Kameron won the poll, which was created by Real Housewives Polls, Travis came to his wife's defense and slammed Kameron.

Stephanie's husband wrote, "Wow Kam. Buying votes? That is the biggest vote total in the history of the poll. You must have been way down."

After Travis called her out, Kameron took to Instagram to clap back at Travis by sharing a screenshot of his tweet, where he accused her of buying votes.

"Maybe you pressed the wrong button when you were buying followers? Unlike your wife, I have a life and friends outside of the show and don’t care about twitter polls and have never bought followers or comments. I am 100% real," she wrote.

"Also, regarding my country club remarks, here is what happened. Members of that club reached out to me and said we heard that Travis was a douche and a tool," she continued.

"I had the opportunity to speak poorly but I chose to take the high road but no good deed goes unpunished. I suggest you lay off social medial attacking other people’s wives!," she concluded and added the hashtags, "#rhod #thisisexhausting #getalife #funnythatyourwifethinksthatimabully #notoleranceforbullies #letitgo #aselsasaid #manup #truecolor"

Earlier this month, after Part 1 of the RHOD Season 4 reunion aired, Travis and Kameron engaged in a feud on social media.

"Thank you Kam for getting me into the Country Club. Since you are not a member of my club, it probably meant a lot to everyone who does not know you to have your blessing. Just hearing you say that cracks me up. #RHOD #backtoreality," Travis tweeted.

Kameron clapped back and tweeted, "@travis_hollman Real Men don't comment about other people's "wives" especially those they don't know or tweet drama at another Housewife!!," she tweeted, adding the hashtags, "#weak #insecure #fussybitch #nogooddeedgoesunpunished"

Photo Credit: Instagram