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Jacqueline Laurita’s Daughter Ashlee Holmes Malleo Threatens Legal Action Against Danielle Staub — Find Out Why!

Ashlee Holmes Malleo, the daughter of former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita took to Twitter where she encouraged viewers if they could send her their private DM's that they exchanged with Danielle Staub where Staub is allegedly bashing her to fans of the show.

“Danielle Staub is DMing people absolutely insane and false stories about me,” she tweeted. “I can easily prove that they are false stories. This is me openly telling her to stop or I will be taking legal action.”

She added: “If anyone else has DMs from her, feel free to send them my way. I'm collecting as many as I can for when I file my report.”

Earlier this week, Jacqueline Laurita slammed Staub over the comments she made on the RHONJ After Show about her daughter Ashlee Holmes over their past hair-pulling incident.

“Am I hearing correctly? Did crazy pants Danielle Staub (Aka Beverly Merrill, aka Angela Minelli, aka Danielle Morelli, aka etc. etc.) put a message out there for me to “sit down and shut up”??? It is true she is NOW claiming that her minor injury from the hair pull she got from my teenage daughter Ashlee over 10 years ago, witnessed on tv, (the same night she actually pulled out her own hair in the car before police got there to make it look worse, …seen by witness)has elevated her story to her head hitting pavement, getting several stitches in her head and got multiple herniated disks from it??? Delusional much?,” Laurita wrote.

“Someone PLEASE HELP HER! My response to Danielle is for her to “shut up and kneel down and do what she does best.”

During the RHONJ After Show, Staub defended herself from pulling Margaret Josephs' hair and compared the difference from Ashlee’s attack against her during the show's second season.

“Jacqueline can use any excuse she wants to talk about me but the fact still remains that I had my hair that’s connected to these beads and my extensions, at least five of those extensions, which is a handful of my hair, pulled completely from my scalp. [I] had four stitches in my scalp as a result. My head hit the pavement as a result of it. I have six herniated discs three of which happened that night as a result of it, “ Danielle revealed.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Getty Images