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Former Real Housewives Of Cheshire Star Nermina Pieters-Mekic Says Fame Made Her Feel Under Pressure To Look A Certain Way!

Nermina Pieters-Mekic reveals that she has felt pressure to look a certain way since finding fame on The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The model and singer spoke out about body positivity, admitting that she “definitely” feels pressure to look good.

Nermina says she tries to have a balanced view of diet and exercise.

“You compare yourself to others. But you need to be realistic because no one is perfect all of the time,” she told New Magazine. “Luckily I handle it really well – I allow myself to walk around without make-up and have a cheat meal from time to time.”

Nermina also confessed that she struggles to find the time to visit her local gym, but still makes sure it is a priority. “I’ve been so busy lately, but I do still manage to go to the gym.”

The reality star broke down her exercise regime.

“I have four personal training sessions every week and do two Pilates classes,” she explained. “I also ride my horses five times a week, so I’m very active.”

She added: “I feel 80 per cent body confident, because I’m still having my cheat meals.”

Photo Credit: Instagram