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Danielle Staub Slams Her RHONJ Co-Stars And Their Husbands, Accuses Them Of Being “Bullies”; Says “This Group Of Mean Girls And Bullies Have A Problem With Me Because Of Margaret Josephs”

Danielle Staub slammed her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars in a series of Instagram Stories. The original cast member also called out her co-star's husbands after watching her sex tape during last week's episode of the Bravo hit reality series.

“Margaret needs to stay out of my life and stop inserting herself in every aspect of my life. How would it look if I befriended Jan her ex that she cheated on 4.5 years collecting his money, to build her failed business until and then so that she can “stay in the home” she continued having sex with both Jan and Joe,” she wrote. “Who’s the prostitute now? Double standard.”

Staub then slams her co-stars’ husbands, particularly Joe Gorga, for watching her sex tape during last week’s episode of RHONJ.

“When is this behavior ok? So Who in the world condones their husbands to gather around and watch a sex tape of someone they have met and they talk about me being the problem? The men and wives alike are all struggling to gasps reality.”

She continued: “@joeygorga has been talking about my V for years. Margaret talking about my vagina shaming my body Dolores talking about losing her appetite Jackie having an opinion? (did not hear her husband doesn’t even go down on her) Jennifer Melissa and all your husbands you’re all bullies.”

Danielle continued to slam her co-stars, in particular, Margaret and Melissa. “Margaret should know about “sleeping with someone else’s husband” that’s what she did for 4.5 years while sleeping with Jan gathering his money so she can leave and then later get married to … someone else’s husband … let’s just check the facts.”

“Melissa let’s not forget how you got where you’re at baby girl all your secrets have been kept … be careful because searching desperately for a storyline using the person that actually put you on the show after two years of begging me but I refused to film with you because I don’t get involved in your family sh*t and your vendetta against your sister-in-law Teresa.” 

Danielle then sounds off on her altercation with Margaret. “Take notice I am leaning on a couch when the snake Margaret leans in to “my personal space” pushing up on me, so for those of you who think that it went differently just look with your eyes! She pokes she pushes she tears at me like a rabid animal what choices are left but to stand up off the couch, that I am leaning on , and defend myself with verbal push back.”

“This was the first time in 2 1/2 years that I spoke up in my defense of myself.”

“I t I think that’s the biggest problem Margaret had she just expected to come in bully and harass me and bring her group of minions that she’s worked so hard to gather around her so they could all tear at me together just look at them listen to what they say these are not good peoplelet’s face it,” she wrote. “Th the only reason this group of mean girls and bullies have a problem with me is because of Margaret josephs.” 

Staub also called out Dolores Catania. “What did [Dolores] say about me? Disparaging comments ? Dolores you sat quietly while she talks about my body shaming me and then the day wouldn’t be complete unless she calls me a prostitute #doublestandard.”

Danielle then shared an article about Josephs’ lawsuit along with the caption, “Let’s talk about this shall we,” she wrote. “She should spend a little more time concerned about her own rather than mine.”

Staub ends her series of Instagram Stories by sharing a Radar Online article about a company suing Margaret. Danielle writes, “This is the real Margaret Josephs.”

Photo Credit: Bravo