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D’Andra Simmons Reveals Bravo Filmed A Failed Pilot Featuring ‘Real Housewives’ Moms; Says Mama Dee And Caroline Manzo “Did Not Like Each Other At All”

D'Andra Simmons recently revealed that her mother Mama Dee was set to star in a series for Bravo along with other Real Housewives mom from other cities. During a recent appearance on the Out in the Wild podcast, the Real Housewives of Dallas star revealed that her mother along with Caroline Manzo, Dale Mercer, and Diane Williams filmed a failed pilot for the network.

“It was called ‘Mama Knows Best’ and it was a few Housewife moms. People like [Dale Mercer, Tinsley Mortimer‘s mom], my mother, [Porsha Williams]’s mother [Diane Williams], and Caroline Manzo,” D’Andra revealed, according to Reality Blurb. “The concept was kind of like a Judge Judy, so, stupid people basically come in with their problems [laughing] and four mamas figure it out.”

According to the beauty mogul, her mother and Caroline butted heads “like crazy” while filming the show. D'Andra also revealed that Dee hit it off with Dale.

“My mother and Caroline fought like you would not like believe, they did not like each other at all, it was very interesting,” D’Andra shared.

“[Dale] reached out to me on direct message to say, ‘Oh I love your mom,’ they like each other a lot.”

Simmons also claimed that Southern Charm star Patricia Altschul was also approached to appear on the potential series, but ultimately declined.

“[Patricia] didn’t want to do it because it was far for her to travel and it was going to be shot in [Los Angeles],” D’Andra said.

As for what went wrong with the pilot, D’Andra said the sizzle reel “wasn’t as interesting as it should have been.”

“I thought what would really make it good would be to have the Housewife mothers and a few daughters and they should argue about what the advice should be, because we’re different generations. I thought that would be very funny,” she shared.

Photo Credit: Bravo