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Celebrity Blogger B. Scott Calls Out ‘Lying Scallywag’ NeNe Leakes And Confirms Her Team Leaked The Cynthia Bailey Note!

Celebrity Blogger B. Scott is breaking his silence to allegations that NeNe Leakes was the one who leaked him the note she wrote for Cynthia Bailey, which is playing out on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

After Kandi Burrsed confronted Leakes and asked her if she was the one who leaked the note to the blogger, Leakes denied the allegation and claimed that she has not contact to "bloggers" and she is not friends with Scott.

However, B. Scott is playing another tune. After the episode aired, B. Scott addressed the topic during a recent episode of his podcast, The B. Scott Show, where the celebrity blogger called out Leakes and revealed that her team was the one who leaked the note she wrote to Bailey.

“I’mma point the finger and just say NeNe’s a liar, she is a liar,” said B. Scott said during an episode of his podcast, which is titled, Like NeNe’s Titty In Toronto, The Truth Always Pops Out. “Number one if you say my name a couple times I have to appear, you have summoned me. You a lying ass b****! “That offended me, #1. #2 she goes on to make it seem like bloggers are beneath her like bloggers are lowly.

“You are a reality star at best,” he added. “She does talk to bloggers but she oftentimes talks to bloggers without my reach and she talks to bloggers that don’t have any other exclusive information ever other than the lies that she tells her.”

B. Scott then revealed that his relationship with Leakes goes back over 10 years and he has many receipts to prove it.

“I have known NeNe for over 10 years, she was one of my first guests on my Youtube channel,” said B. Scott, according to Bossip. “I knew NeNe when she had her first set of teeth and her first face. I have yeaaaars of text messages, years. I went back to look at my phone and it was so much. Me and NeNe, I felt as though we were still friends because only a friend would hold certain information that I”m holding right now, that I was asked not to put out. So if we’re not friends that good to know. Should I light her a** up right now? Should I drop a nuclear bomb? This isn’t even about the note, this is about something else.

“I know Kandi, I know Cynthia and Cynthia she reminded me of something I forgot, I met Cynthia through NeNe,” he added. “We have chilled many times in Atlanta, L.A., Miami and we even chilled with Kenya in Miami.”

Photo Credit:, Bravo